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At Star Performance Marketing, we know how important it is for auto dealerships to keep traffic flowing to their website as well as to their showroom floor. This traffic enables your sales associates to transform leads into sales. Given the important role that marketing plays in your Ford dealership’s success and profitability, the skills and expertise of a reputable marketing agency are invaluable. Our agency has been serving Ford dealerships like yours and delivering consistent, substantial results for years. Our comprehensive marketing services are based on proven strategies, deep analysis and continued improvement. With our talented experts working for your dealership, you could see a dramatic improvement over your current marketing results. What can you expect from our marketing agency for Ford dealerships?

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Our Ford Marketing Services

As a dedicated marketing agency for Ford dealerships, we provide the full range of effective services that you need to become or maintain your edge in the marketplace. Our marketing agency offers vital services that include:

Digital Advertising

The majority of car buyers today begin their buying process online, so the importance of a strong digital advertising campaign cannot be overstated. Our marketing agency for Ford dealerships takes a comprehensive approach in this key area by focusing on social media marketing, Google ads and more. We know the value of each click to your dealership, and we consistently analyze data to elevate results for our clients’ satisfaction and success.

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Media Placement

Your dealership’s online presence and marketing messages need to be strategically promoted in the right locations and at the right times. Our marketing agency for Ford dealerships crafts effective messaging for the audience's demographics, and this messaging is customized for each digital platform. We then focus on the optimal time and frequency for message placement based on your dealership’s target audience.

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Creative Services

As a full-service marketing agency, our effective strategies for your Ford dealership include creative services for all formats and platforms. We will initially develop a winning brand that appeals to your audience’s demographics and that is also memorable. This includes designing a brand logo and selecting its designs and colors. The logo and overall theme will be used throughout our services to get your dealership the high level of recognition that it needs.

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Our marketing agency for Ford dealerships will also optimize your dealership’s visibility on local TV and radio stations. Our experts collectively have more than 45 years of experience in this crucial area. We utilize the most advanced technologies, hardware and software in our production services. Script writing, location shooting and 4k drone photography are also included.

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Print Collateral

While radio, TV and digital marketing are essential aspects of a Ford dealership’s marketing strategy, print collateral increases visibility and drives results in other ways. Our marketing agency serving Ford dealerships will produce branded, concise and impactful messages that target foot traffic, passersby and others. Print collateral includes car toppers, signage, banners and more.

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Direct Mail

Direct mail, such as postcards, letters and other mailers, are delivered to your target audience’s mailboxes. These branded pieces are often used to announce promotions, sales and special events to draw customers to your showroom. Our marketing agency serving Ford dealerships runs all aspects of direct mail campaigns, including developing a quality mailing list, designing the mailers, complying with legal regulations and analyzing the results.

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Whether you are currently working with another marketing firm or you are struggling to produce results from your in-house efforts, you owe it to your business to explore opportunities to improve in this crucial area. At Star Performance Marketing, we are committed to helping our clients realize the results that they need consistently, and our clients benefit from the impact of this commitment through increased showroom and online traffic. To learn more about our marketing services for Ford dealerships and what we can do for your business, contact Star Performance Marketing today to request a consultation.

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