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Connecting with your customers effectively is essential for the success and profitability of your Toyota dealership, and Star Performance Marketing has a proven track record of delivering results with our comprehensive services. Building your brand image and fostering brand recognition require regular effort, and our marketing agency serving Toyota dealerships knows how to accomplish these key goals while also working within your budget. With a well-planned, optimized marketing campaign, you can stay ahead of your competition. We take a comprehensive approach with numerous services, and our marketing agency is ready to show you the difference that we can make in your marketing efforts.

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Marketing Services for Auto Dealerships

An effective marketing campaign for today’s auto dealerships reaches consumers from various points, covering everything from banners to online ads, TV spots and more. More than that, each message must be focused, motivating and on-brand. Through our extensive services designed specifically for dealerships, we can help you more effectively achieve your goals.

Digital Advertising

Today, a majority of auto shoppers start their buying process online, and our agency serving Toyota dealers takes a thorough approach to ensure that your business is consistently visible to your customers. From social media and Google ads to other online advertising solutions, we identify the most cost-effective ways to reach your target audience. Our marketing agency consistently refines our efforts so that your dealership outperforms the competition while staying within budget.

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Media Placement

very message that our agency places serving Toyota dealerships is expertly crafted so that it speaks to the targeted demographics. This requires a deep understanding of who uses different platforms and how to appeal to them in that space. In addition, our agency serving Toyota dealers maximizes each message’s reach and enhances your return on investment through optimized frequency.

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Creative Services

Our creative services ensure that your messages are impactful and beneficial to your audience and your business. Our experts at Star Performance Marketing develop a memorable brand logo using carefully crafted designs and colors. An effective logo increases name brand recognition and reinforces your brand’s reputation. The logo will be prominently displayed across all marketing messages to maximize its benefit.

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Our agency serving Toyota dealerships has more than 45 years of experience producing radio and TVs, and we bring this experience to you with modern technologies. These technologies include the latest hardware and software as well as 4K drone footage. Our team covers everything from script writing to delivering over 100 spots on local media outlets per month.

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Print Collateral

Print collateral is an effective way to put your dealership’s marketing messages directly in front of your target audience. Our team serving Toyota dealers designs car toppers, signage, banners, handouts and other collateral. Then, we ensure that these on-brand messages are well-placed to maximize their impact.

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Direct Mail

Our marketing agency bolsters the reach of Toyota dealerships with direct mail services. Each mail campaign is expertly prepared with results-driven creatives and messaging. We utilize up-to-date and targeted mailing lists, and we optimize the frequency and delivery of the mailers to boost return on investment. Every campaign is in full compliance with related regulations.

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