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Gaining a competitive edge in a tight marketplace is essential for your dealership’s success. At Star Performance Marketing, we are passionate about propelling our clients toward their goals. By partnering with our agency, you will benefit from the full support of our dedicated Account Managers. Through our hands-on approach and expertise, we cover the bases from planning to execution. We guarantee that we will deliver the results you expect from your marketing team.

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Our Strength is in the Numbers

All advertising agencies promise to deliver great things to their clients, but we are the team that stands behind our pledge with a guarantee. Specifically, we guarantee that we will increase your call volume and traffic count by at least 15 percent in the first 30 days. We also promise to visit your dealership at least twice per month to deliver the personalized attention that you expect. You can also expect us to reduce your media fees by at least 10 percent. In fact, we stand behind these statements with a guarantee. If we do not deliver, you will not pay a commission fee.

More than that, we will deliver at least two new marketing concepts to you each month, or your advertising is free for the month. Plus, we will never ask you to sign a contract. Experience the difference we make. With solid guarantees, you can expect great things when you partner with us.

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Happy Clients

Star Performance Marketing services over 150 clients and maintains a face-to-face relationship with them.

Monthly Leads

Our digital campaign platform generates an average of over 100 direct to CRM leads per month!

Accuracy Rating

We’re not good, we’re great.  And we get it right. We know your market and can put you in all the right places.

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Our Unique Approach is Your Competitive Edge

If you want to give your company a true competitive edge, look no further than Star Marketing Performance. We promise to give you the optimum results. Our team features highly skilled professionals who take their jobs seriously. When it comes time to close the deal, you’ll have maximum negotiating power.