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With multiple motorcycle dealerships serving your community, devising and executing action-producing marketing campaigns is essential for your success. After all, you want your Harley-Davidson dealership to be the one that comes to mind when your target audience is ready to make a move. At Star Performance Marketing, we are your preferred Harley-Davidson marketing agency. While some marketing firms offer a limited selection of services, we take a well-rounded approach. The reality is that your consumers need to be exposed to branding at the right times across a variety of platforms and methods. Our experienced account managers are focused on getting your dealership the full recognition that it needs. More than that, we have the strategies, skills and services that are necessary to give you the results you expect.

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Harley-Davidson Marketing Services

There is no single marketing approach that will address all of your needs. At Star Performance Marketing, we recognize the critical need for comprehensive marketing campaigns, and we offer an extensive range of services that will cover all bases. The marketing campaigns that we create for you will include these essential components.

H-D Digital Advertising

Your Harley-Davidson dealership’s consumers are overwhelmingly using the internet to research models, explore auto services available and more. This means that your dealership must be highly visible to your consumers. As your Harley-Davidson marketing agency, we will prepare a detailed digital advertising campaign that covers essential areas like Google Ads, social media marketing and more. Through our proven strategies, we can drive quality traffic to your dealership’s website.

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H-D Media Placement

While your dealership’s core consumers may be well-defined, different segments of your target audience may be more accessible via some methods and platforms than others. We take time to understand the demographics of each media platform, and we create tailored marketing messages for each one. By doing so, we can take a targeted approach that can more effectively generate wonderful results. In addition, we fine-tune the timing and frequency of these messages to optimize your return on investment.

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H-D Creative Services

Branding plays acritical role in the outcome of your marketing efforts. At our Harley-Davidson marketing agency, we draw from our wealth of professional experiences and training to create a winning branding strategy for each client. This includes the thoughtful selection of graphics, fonts and colors. These will be used strategically across all platforms and marketing methods to boost recognition from your dealership’s consumers.

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H-D Production

For decades, radio and TV have been proven platforms for dealerships’ marketing efforts. We bring more than 45 years of exemplary experience with radio and TV advertising to the table. More than that, we deliver a turnkey experience through the creation of quality scripts, the use of advanced technologies and even the proper placement of the ads.

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H-D Direct Mail

The importance of print-based marketing cannot be overstated, and there are many exciting opportunities for your Harley-Davidson dealership to stand out to your consumers through print pieces. We tailor each campaign specifically to the client. Some of the print collateral that may be used for your dealership are handouts, vehicle graphics, signs and more. Rest assured that we will increase brand recognition and get your business noticed at every turn.

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H-D Print Collateral

From using a quality mailing list to preparing an effective design and message, there are several important components to a superior direct mail campaign. As your Harley-Davidson marketing firm, we produce turnkey direct mail campaigns that are legally compliant. Each well-designed mailer will raise brand recognition and inspire recipients to contact your dealership directly.

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At Star Performance Marketing, we know how important it is for our clients to squeeze as much value from their marketing dollars as possible. The most effective marketing campaigns for Harley-Davidson dealerships like yours are comprehensive and reachconsumers from a variety of angles. More than that, the messages inspire actionand are well-branded. Our marketing professionals have extensive experience with motorcycle dealership marketing. We know how to make your phone ring and how toget more people walking through your showroom. We want to tell you more about our Harley-Davidson marketing services and show you what we can do for you. To schedule a free demo with our team today!

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