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Your Kia dealership’s success in a competitive marketplace is based on getting an edge over the competition. At Star Performance Marketing, we are an advertising agency for Kia dealerships that knows how to get the results our clients expect. We have a talented, results-driven team of experts who will create and execute an effective, goal-based plan that is tailored for your dealership. To deliver the results that our clients need, our advertising agency offers a comprehensive range of services for Kia dealerships.

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Our Kia Marketing Services

As a dedicated marketing agency for Kia dealerships, we provide the full range of effective services that you need to become or maintain your edge in the marketplace. Our marketing agency offers vital services that include:

Digital Advertising for Kia Dealers

Auto customers today often complete extensive online research before choosing a dealership to visit. This means that having a well-designed, SEO-based website is essential for Kia dealerships. More than that, digital marketing efforts are required to optimize the true value of your website and attract your target audience to it. Whether an auto customer is ready to pick out a new car, needs auto care from skilled mechanics or has other needs, they need to be able to find your website when they are doing online research. Our digital advertising services include social media marketing, Google Ads and more. v

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Media Placement for Kia Dealers

Kia dealerships need to realize the greatest return on their investment, and this means that the placement of ads must be well-researched. In addition, the results of those ads must be monitored and carefully analyzed. At Star Performance Marketing, we will strategically place ads on the digital platforms that your target audience uses. To optimize the performance of these ads, we utilize well-crafted messages and run them at cost-effective frequencies.

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Creative Services for Kia Dealers

The strength of your auto dealership’s brand directly affects the success of your dealership, impacting memorability and consumer sentiment. Our advertising agency for Kia dealerships offers creative services to effectively develop your brand. This begins with the colors and font used on your logo. The branding continues through online and offline advertising to produce ideal results.

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Production l Media

Radio and TV advertising continue to be relevant for Kia dealerships. Our advertising agency has 45 years of proven experience in this area, and we provide turnkey services. Our team will craft action-oriented scripts and produce the radio and TV spots. We utilize the latest software and hardware as well as 4K drone imaging and even location shooting to elevate visibility and draw customers to your dealership.

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Print Collateral l SPM Kia Marketing

Your auto dealership’s marketing results will be elevated through the execution of a detailed print campaign. Print collateral includes car toppers and wraps, handouts, banners, signs and more. Through the thoughtful placement of branded print collateral, we will keep your dealership’s marketing message in front of your consumers.

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Direct Mail

Direct mail puts your marketing message directly in the hands of your customers, and it continues to be a cost-effective marketing method. A great direct mail campaign begins with a quality mailing list, and we will use the most up-to-date list available. Our team will design results-driven, compliant mailers and execute the campaign flawlessly.

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As your preferred advertising agency for Kia dealerships, Star Performance Marketing knows how to drive foot traffic to your showroom and visitors to your website. We cover the full spectrum so that your dealership has a competitive advantage in the marketplace. While we specialize in Kia dealership marketing, we customize our efforts to suit each client’s market and audience. To learn more about how our advertising agency can help your dealership succeed, contact us today for a consultation.

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